Bringing Linen into the Kitchen

When we think of linen, we tend to think of bedding, clothing, and upholstery. This is because these are some of the most common uses of linen and, consequently, these are the linen goods we tend to come into contact with most often. But linen has been used for thousands of years and is an extremely versatile textile, so there are others uses for it that you might want to take into consideration. While you might not automatically associate linen with the kitchen, there are a whole host of ways you can incorporate beautiful French linen into this space. For the moment, let’s take a look at linen teatowels. While your tea towels may seem like a minor feature in this room, they are practical and necessary. You’re always going to have to use them on a daily basis. So, seeing as you’re going to have to invest in a few at some point or another, you might as well find the best quality tea towels possible. Let’s take a moment to look at a few benefits of French linen teatowels in particular. Drying Properties The main purpose of a tea towel is to dry things. Whether that’s glassware, work surfaces, your hands, or anything else in the kitchen – this is going to be its primary use. You can have the most attractive tea towel in the world, but if it isn’t doing its job properly, it’s pretty useless. The good news is that French linen teatowels have brilliant drying qualities. They can absorb an astounding twenty times their weight in moisture before they begin to feel damp! Linen is Lint-Free When you’re drying off worktops or wiping your hands with a tea towel, you don’t want lint sticking to your surfaces or your hands. Linen teatowels are lint-free, so you needn’t worry about them leaving bits of fluff behind. They’re Durable If you’re looking for a hardwearing natural fabric, linen should be your go-to choice. Tea towels tend to go through a lot of wear and tear over time, but you don’t want to have to replace them regularly. Linen is one of the very few fabrics that are stronger when wet than dry, and a French linen teatowel will prove resistant to damage and abrasion. They’re Eco-Friendly Linen is an entirely natural textile, meaning it is bio-degradable and won’t leave an impact on the planet. Sure, cotton is a natural fabric too. But linen is derived from the fibres of the flax plant, which generally yields a greater harvest per acre than cotton. Consequently, the production of a linen teatowel requires less land usage. Flax plants also need less water and fewer chemicals to grow than cotton, which is more positive for the planet too! If you’re looking for high-quality, long-lasting teatowels that look great while being effective at their job, a French linen teatowel will tick all of your boxes. Remember, teatowels are just one of the ways you can incorporate linen into your kitchen. This fabric is perfect for aprons and oven gloves too!

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