How Linen Bedding Helps You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

The majority of us have found ourselves sleeping on cotton bedding for a lifetime. But just because we’re used to cotton, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option for us. Sure, cotton bedding can be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. It’s widely available, and we tend to know what we’re looking for in terms of thread count and quality out of sheer exposure to cotton bedding over the years. But if you’re looking for the best night’s rest you’ve had in years, you might want to consider taking a step away from your usual habits. Linen bedding can genuinely help you get a better night’s sleep. But what is it about this fabric that makes it better than the rest?

It’s hypoallergenic

If you have household allergies or asthma, you’re likely to find getting a good night’s sleep a little more difficult than the average person. Sneezing, itching, swollen eyes, and runny noses can all interfere with your sleep pattern. They can break your sleep cycles and reduce the amount of time your body has to recover and recuperate for the day ahead. No matter how clean your bedding may be, you still shed skin throughout the night. The resultant combination of dead skin cells and soft bedding can create a haven for dust mites and the waste they create. The good news is that a linen bedspread is naturally hypoallergenic, deterring mites and creating a space where you can sleep and breathe easy.

It regulates temperature

Many of us attempt to regulate our temperature throughout the night by investing in separate bedding for the summer months and the winter months. French linen offers the ultimate trans-seasonal bedding option. In the summer months, linen’s hollow fibres allow air to pass through it with ease, allowing your skin to breathe beneath the sheets. Its moisture-wicking qualities also mean that linen dries quickly. It can hold up to twenty times its own weight in water, which ultimately eliminates damp, sticky and sweaty nights. For the winter months, linen is a natural insulator, trapping your body heat and generating a warm under-quilt atmosphere.

It promotes relaxation

Linen has small breaks in the weave of the fabric, which can produce a massage effect on your skin when you rest on it. This may not be immediately noticeable to you when you lie on it. However, these tiny breaks in the fabric stimulate blood flow in your skin, which promotes relaxation and can help to ease you into an effortless night’s sleep.

These are just a few different ways that linen bedspreads can help you get a peaceful eight hours of rest, no matter what you’ve been up to in the day. As you can see, French linen really is a cut above the rest when it comes to bedding – and that’s before we even begin to get onto its other charming characteristics, like its longevity, it’s aesthetic appeal and its low maintenance nature!

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