Linen – most asked questions

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Linen – we just can’t get enough of this beautiful fabric

As we become more and more environmentally conscious we seek items for our homes and wardrobes that are more sustainable, investment pieces that we can bring out every season and that will last forever

If you are looking for an eco fabric that is kind to the environment whilst being beautiful to boot, look no further than pure 100% linen. Linen is soft, linen is a natural fibre, linen is a breathable fibre and also highly absorbent textile, just a few of the reasons making linen a fabric of choice for our homes and wardrobes

We hope you had time to read our last blog post which listed just some of the reasons why linen is a fabric of choice – from it’s amazing absorbency (making it the perfect kitchen textile and the fabric of choice for bedlinen ), it’s naturalness (being grown closer to home and requiring very little water makes linen a more eco fabric than cotton) to it’s pure beauty – linen just gets softer and more attractive with washing and use, and a crease or two in your linen clothing is a good thing so no need to worry about ironing

We get lots of questions about linen here at Maison Brocante – our customers love to try on our linen ‘prairie dress’ and have lots of questions about caring for these beautiful dresses. So we thought it might be useful to list a few of these most asked questions about linen’ here on our linen blog

Probably the most asked question about linen is

1. ‘will linen shrink’?

Most linens are pre-shrunk so they will not shrink in the wash – in fact you can throw your linen bedding and teatowels into the wash on a high temperature in the knowledge that they will come out as perfect as they went in. Linen only gets better with washing and use. We find that the more a linen teatowel is washed and used, the more absorbent it becomes

2. is linen soft?

There are different types of linen, textures and weaves – here at Maison Brocante we collect all different types of linen such as beautiful vintage French linen sheets – it is not uncommon for many european families to pass down linens through the generations as an heirloom

3. will linen keep me cool?

Linen fibre is super absorbent and breathable garments made of linen are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather – many other fabrics can contribute to skin allergies caused by sweating – we prefer to waft about in a beautiful linen dress feeling cool and looking cool!

4. what is the difference between linen and cotton

Linen is thicker and stronger than cotton which makes it last longer. Both linen and cotton have properties that keep you warm, but linen has the added benefit of keeping cool when it’s hot, making linen our number one summer essential. Linen is made up of long hollow fibres so air can circulate and keep moisture at bay. This makes linen bedding good for all seasons!

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