Linen: The Most Wearable Fabric this Autumn

As we make our way into the first truly autumnal month, many of us are beginning to pack our summer clothes away. But putting together an autumnal wardrobe can be challenging. The weather can be erratic, and the temperature can fluctuate, making it difficult to settle on an outfit that will keep us comfortable no matter what the day throws at us. Luckily, there are solutions – and wearing linen is one of them! While you may associate linen with the summer months because of its lightweight nature, it is actually the perfect fabric to incorporate into your wardrobe this autumn. Here’s why! Why Linen? It Regulates Temperature Well Linen’s temperature regulating properties make it the perfect fabric for autumn months where the temperature can be up and down. Its weave allows for a lot of air flow, meaning you can keep cool if the temperature is warm. It can also retain heat well, so it will keep you warm when the temperature drops too. This is great for temperamental, trans-seasonal days, where you may find yourself leaving the house to frost but returning home in the sunshine. It’s Ideal for Light Showers While linen isn’t waterproof, and while nobody really wants to get caught in the rain, you’ll probably prefer to be wearing linen if you’re caught in a light shower. Linen absorbs twenty times its weight before it begins to feel damp, giving you time to grab your jacket without feeling sodden. It also dries extremely quickly, so you won’t find yourself in damp, uncomfortable clothing for hours once you’re indoors. It’s Moisture-Wicking A common problem during the autumn months is needing to wear a jacket to protect ourselves from the rain, but feeling too warm while wearing the jacket. Fortunately, if you do break a sweat while avoiding getting soaked, linen has moisture-wicking properties that will draw sweat away from your skin. It is also extremely breathable, so you’re less likely to break a sweat than when you’re wearing other fabrics in the first place! Style Notes Linen is extremely versatile, so it can be made into a wide variety of different types of clothing. You can find linen shirts, trousers, jumpsuits, shorts, tops and more. But for the autumn, in particular, you should consider investing in linen dresses. A French linen dress is a great all-rounder and will provide you with the most wear throughout the year. Layering A linen dress can be layered in a whole host of ways, making it just as wearable in the peak of summer as in the winter months. You can wear a fisherman’s smock on its own if the weather is warm. If it’s a cold day, you can wear the same fisherman’s smock with a longsleeved top underneath, tights, thick socks and a pair of boots. It’ll look just as good either way! Choosing the Right Linen Quality is key when investing in linen clothing. You want to make sure that the clothing you buy is made of the finest quality linen. Look for items that are washed and pre-shrunk. Caring for Your Linen Clothing Of course, you’re going to want to take care of your linen clothing well. Linen is an extremely durable fabric. So, with the right care, a French linen dress or fisherman’s smock will last years on end. The best piece of advice is to always read the label for the right care instructions for each item you buy. But there are general rules that you can abide by when it comes to caring for your linen clothing. Washing As a general rule, linen can go in the washing machine on a short cycle for delicates. Just make sure to use a mild detergent and avoid putting the linen in with other items of clothing that may run. You may also want to wash the item on its own when you first get it. New linen can tend to leak dye, so you might not want to put it in with other items for its first couple of washes. You can also hand wash linen. Fill a basin with cool water and mild detergent. Be gentle while you handwash. Then rinse thoroughly until there’s no soap remaining. Drying Avoid the tumble dryer when it comes to drying linen dresses and smocks. The best approach to drying linen is to air dry it. While you might not want to use the line outside this season, you can still hang it out on a drying rack indoors. While you might not have considered linen clothing for the autumn months before, it is the ideal fabric for this season. It’s practical, it looks great, and it will serve you well year-round!

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