Say Bye to Plastic with Eco-Friendly Linen Totes

We’re living in an age where we’re increasingly aware of how our actions affect the planet we live on. Seeing as we seem to be having a profoundly detrimental impact on the world around us, it really isn’t surprising that many of us are now looking for ways we can be a little more environmentally friendly in our day to day lives. There are endless ways we can achieve this, but sometimes small steps can have as positive an impact as big steps. Investing in a linen tote bag is just one example! Here are a few different benefits you get when you start making use of a practical linen tote.


They Can Replace Plastic Shopping Bags


Linen shoppers can replace the plastic bags that you might otherwise use at the supermarket. Sure, you can buy a bag for life, but these are still plastic. They may last longer than thinner, standard shopping bags. But you will ultimately need to throw them away due to wear and tear, and they’re not going to decompose. Linen is an entirely natural fabric, carefully woven from flax plant fibres. This means a linen bag is entirely biodegradable. It also has moisture-wicking qualities and is naturally anti-bacterial. This combination means you don’t need to worry about contaminating unwrapped fruit and vegetables that you might want to carry in it. When you bear this in mind, you won’t need to buy packaged and plastic-wrapped natural goods, and you will further reduce your impact on the planet!


They’re Cheaper in the Long-Run


The majority of shops now charge for plastic bags – and for a good reason. Since the plastic bag tax was introduced in 2016, the UK’s plastic bag usage has dropped by an astounding 85%. But if you continuously fork out five pence every time you shop, it’s going to mount up in the long run. Investing in a linen bag will save these pennies, and they will soon mount into pounds!


They’re Durable


Linen is an extremely durable fabric, meaning that linen bags are incredibly durable bags. There’s a general consensus that linen is the most durable natural fabric in the world and, as long as it’s cared for correctly, can last years on end. You can expect a standard linen tote to undergo 200 washes easily.


They’re Versatile


You can get linen tote bags in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From shopping bags to oversized linen bags, there’s going to be one that suits your needs. Whether you need to carry your groceries home from the supermarket or get your laptop, lunch and stationery to work, you will be able to find a linen bag in the right shape and size.


As you can see, there are plenty of perks that come hand in hand with investing in a linen tote bag. They benefit you, and they help the planet at the same time. So, they really are the perfect option for you if you’re looking for an eco-friendly, durable and versatile bag.

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